The Winning Game

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Page : 329 pages

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The Winning Game
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A hard 5-set singles match is the greatest strain on the body and nervous system of any form of sport. Singles is a game of daring, dash, speed of foot and stro
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Gamesmanship as a civilised art is as old as the competitive spirit in man. It is polite psychological warfare. It is the moral equivalent of assault and batter
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How to succeed in an era of ecosystem-based disruption: strategies and tools for offense, defense, timing, and leadership in a changing competitive landscape. T
Master the chess game and win almost always + All the chess rules and much more
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For beginners to chess master. Master the chess game and win almost always, even against the chess game software of top level. This chess book contains all the
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World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is the inspiration behind this book because of his ability to play all phases of the game equally well: opening, middle-game
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The interpersonal strategies that surround the act of doing good science--hereafter referred to as scientific game play ing-have received some published attenti
Winning Ways, for Your Mathematical Plays: Games in particular
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Winning Ways includes several theories for a wide range of different compounds which are described in detail in the first volume, Games in General. In this volu