The New Political Economy of Greece up to 2030

Publisher : Springer Nature

ISBN-13 : 303047075X

Page : 340 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 75X voters

This book not only analyzes and evaluates the current state of economic growth and development in Greece, but also investigates the potential for growth and development in the mid- to long-term horizon. This book presents a unique theoretical framework drawing on structural elements of political economy such as institutions, cultural background, and the complex nature of politics and political power, as well as neoclassical economics and behavioral economics. The first part of the book introduces readers to some key concepts of normative analysis from a theoretical and methodological perspective, presents the relation between theory and policy, placing the Greek economy within the framework of the Eurozone, and provides the political economy of integrated growth and development in Greek economy. The second part of the book describes the current condition of Greece in the global economy and attempts to detect the major social, economic and political trends that will prevail in the Greek society, while pointing the challenges that the Greek economy will face across the coming decade by taking into account the Covid-19 crisis. The third part of the book provides an overview of growth and development theory as specifically applied to Greece, focusing on the endogenous forces driving the economy, and portrays how the 2008 financial crisis and the crisis of Covid-19 transformed the framework of Greek growth and development policy, to the ground of a new consolidated situation of low growth, low inflation and low employment in the case of Greek economy.

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