The Audacious Finance Partner

Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-13 : 9781536842562

Page : 140 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 562 voters

For anyone in the finance profession who feels they are not developing the critical skills to influence others and that their efforts are not getting recognized, The Audacious Finance Partner shows the quickest way to get tangible results for you and your organizations. Discover how to get to the right insights that deliver the most value; become a trusted advisor to the business and apply commercial teaching principles to combine influence with impact. These are areas not traditionally taught in finance courses or business schools; even though they are the skills employers and the next generation of leaders are calling out for. This book follows our main character who frustrated with his lack of success using traditional keeping-the-score approaches decides to push himself outside his comfort zone. He seeks out mentors who have found better and faster ways to develop the critical skills to influence and impact their organizations. Typical coaching and mentoring of these skills is time consuming and expensive, so the book's chapters have been organized as a dialogue between mentor and mentee. This means you get the accelerated experience and value from being immersed in real-to-life conversations that have been concisely distilled from other successful finance partners of large, medium and small organizations covering most major industries across the globe. The Audacious Finance Partner is useful for those who have entered or work in today's Finance world, from newly qualified accountants, graduates, MBAs to more seasoned finance managers and directors. Groups on the outside looking in: consultants, executives & others in leadership roles seeking to better understand finance business partnering can also expect to benefit. This book provides a solid platform to add value and translate valued insights for influence and impact. There are also further support materials and reference guides at the partner website No longer feel disillusioned with the traditional keeping- the-score approaches to finance and accounting, instead learn a more meaningful way to make a difference, enjoy stimulating work and a successful career.

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