Scientific Democracy Invented

Publisher : Trafford Publishing

ISBN-13 : 1412023130

Page : 344 pages

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CONCERNING THE TITLE: Scientific Democracy Invented The title "Scientific Democracy Invented" needs an explanation. Since the 16th century, Mathematicians and Sociologists have anticipated a time when politicians would solve human problems the way Scientists solve theirs, rather than through fraud, corruption, violence and warfare. There is an analogy between the Human Body and Scientific Democracy Scientific Democracy has an analogy with the working of the Human Body. This is shown in Part 15, Sections A, B, and C. Biological theory led to the Organic Theory of the State. Both Plato and Aristotle argued that the State was an organism. They argued that the cell is to the human body as the individual is to the State. Therefore the rights of the State precede the rights of individuals. Others who believed in this theory were the philosophers Claude Saint Simon, Herbert Spencer, and the Communists. Sociologists have anticipated a time when politics would become a Science, and Laws would be indisputable principles, not the Whims of elected Rulers.

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