Raising Great Kids for Parents of Preschoolers

Publisher : Zondervan

ISBN-13 : 9780310232964

Page : 112 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 964 voters

Raising kids of character is a daunting task, so there’s no better time to start than when they’re young! The first few years of life is the most critical period of growth and development. Infants start the process of trusting the love of Mom and Dad and God, toddlers begin experiencing freedom and responsibility, and children start understanding how to function in the real world. In short, this is the period in which a child’s soul is developed. As a parent, you are right at the center of that process. It’s impossible to overestimate how important a role you play in rearing your child. As the Bible teaches, God shows us how to trust in him even at my mother’s breast (Psalm 22:9). But most parents feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the job. With so many things to worry about, how do you know the real tasks and goals of parenting? Many moms and dads become discouraged or don’t know where to start. We wrote Raising Great Kids and developed this curriculum to help you. In this video curriculum just as in the book we offer you a structure for approaching parenting. We provide a road map for creating character in your children the ability to function as God designed them to function in the world. The biblical principles set forth in the book apply to all ages and stages of kids, so you can use them as a guide for all the years you parent. This video curriculum, however, deals specifically with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It addresses, in a practical, hands-on manner, situations and issues you encounter with children five years old and younger. Our goal is to help empower parents of these children moms and dads like you to become intentional and effective in your parenting. We’re glad you’ve decided to invest the time and effort in your children by working through Raising Great Kids for Parents of Preschoolers. We pray that God will use this study to help your parenting be the successful and worthwhile relationship he designed it to be. We appreciate your labors as a parent—and may God bless you!

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