Letting Go of ED - Embracing Me

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ISBN-13 : 9780994474643

Page : 236 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 643 voters

Recovery from an eating disorder is very difficult as it makes you believe that you cannot function without its presence. This journal offers a practical approach to helping you overcome your eating disorder using evidence-based strategies that harness the power of your brain to rewire itself. The skills and confidence you will develop using this journal will help you on your journey of self-discovery and recovery. You will be shown how to apply powerful techniques focusing on self-compassion, gratitude, connectedness, mindfulness and emotional awareness that help you push back against your harsh inner anorexic voice. Your daily commitment to the exercises in this journal encourages brain neuroplasticity which is the brain's own ability to effect change that can give you back control over your eating disorder and your life. This journal was developed as a companion to Unpack Your Eating Disorder: The Journey to Recovery for Adolescents in Treatment for Anorexia and Atypical Anorexia. It can also be used as an independent resource for all suffers of an eating disorder. Praise for Letting Go of ED - Embracing Me "This journal has been the best resource I've used in treatment for my eating disorder. Its structured, really easy to follow and well written. It has helped me challenge my eating disorder thoughts as well as focus on the skills and goals I need to move forward with my life" Lucy, 16 "The journal has been helpful as a way of expressing my thoughts and feelings. I found the morning and evening exercises easy to follow and the journal gave me something to focus on as a goal during treatment for my eating disorder" Jemma, 14

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